Green Home Improvements

As a homeowner, you want to know what you can do around the house to save money on utility bills. You may buy eco-friendly light bulbs and pile on the blankets at night rather than turn up the heat, and it helps. However, a few simple home improvement fixes can also help you save money in the long run and help reduce your carbon footprint.

Consider Chesapeake Remodel your first call for green home improvement services in Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and throughout Hampton Roads. We have the tools and the skills needed to apply eco-friendly solutions to your home so that it functions cleanly and more efficiently, while reducing your energy bills. Just a few changes we can make include:

  • Energy Efficient Windows – Windows allow natural light to filter into your home and reduce the need for electricity. Let us replace your old windows with newer models that seal correctly to keep out the elements and keep in your cool or warm air.
  • Attic Insulation – With radiant barrier insulation installed you won’t work your home HVAC system as hard, and your rooms will maintain a comfortable temperature. You may also be eligible for tax credits by having it installed.
  • Water Efficient Fixtures – Remodel your bathroom with high-efficiency toilets and low-flow shower heads for water conservation.
Call Chesapeake Remodel today at 757-638-1641 for more information on Norfolk and Virginia Beach green home remodeling services.