Is Summer the Best Time to Remodel Your Home?

The answer is maybe. Many people think that there is a right or wrong season to have their house remodeled, but that is not the case. The best time to have your house remodeled is when it is right for you, your family, your budget, and everything in between. From contractor availability to the supply and demand of important materials, the right time to remodel is unique to each house and family, and Chesapeake Home Remodel can help!

During the year, some contractors will have so much work they will have to turn away jobs, while other times throughout the year a contractor may have no work at all. It is important to research contractors in your local area and call to see how big or small their workload is. Furthermore, when planning a kitchen remodeling or bathroom renovation, talk with your contractor about material prices. Just like Valentine’s Day chocolates are always cheaper on February 15th, certain building materials are always cheaper at various points during the year. Coordinating with your contractor and planning your remodel ahead may allow you to get a better price on your remodel materials.

Chesapeake Home Remodel can help you figure out when is the best time to remodel your home, whether it is your kitchen or bathroom, we will come out and complete a free Hampton Roads home renovation estimate for you! Our licensed Chesapeake kitchen and bathroom contractors can help you and your family plan and design the perfect kitchen or bathroom, while maximizing lower material costs.