The Benefits of Solar Panels for Your Home

Every time I research information on home improvement, I see more articles on how contractors now offer “green” alternatives to homeowners. At first I wondered how the construction industry could utilize materials that reduce carbon footprints, but I see that many builders offer fixtures and components designed to conserve energy. Things like special siding and attic insulation, for example, may help prevent high heating bills. If you are concerned about running up the heat or AC depending on the time of year, you may want to look into eco-friendly options that take the stress off your wallet.

So, why solar products? What are they, and how can they help improve your green home energy?

As the name implies, solar products use the power and heat from the sun to help generate energy for the home. Solar panels for use in heating homes have been used for years. They make a great alternative for heating and cooling space, and are not difficult to install and replace. Another product that may interest you is the solar air collector. This device is used to bring dry air into the home and create a healthier atmosphere.

Benefits of solar products include:

  • Air collector output may be used to dehumidify a home. If you or anyone in your family suffers allergies or other respiratory issues, this type of natural dehumidifier can help improve the air quality in your space.
  • Solar power can help reduce the amount of mold and mildew growing in your home. Bacteria thrives in dank, dark places. When you’re able to keep an environment clean and dry, there’s less of a chance of breathing in that nasty stuff!
  • You might blanch at the cost of installation, but in the long run you’ll find it’s a great deal. Solar products require little to no maintenance and over time you may see fewer zeros on your utility bills.

If you want to seriously consider solar installation, you should consult with a contractor who specializes in green home improvement. Find out exactly what these products will do for your home, and how many panels will be needed. The number will vary depending on what you want accomplished, and on the size of your house.

If you live in a condo, you should also check your covenant to find out what is acceptable. Solar panels may be permitted, for example, if they are concealed from view.

Don’t rule out solar power as a possibility for heating your home. Embrace a new age of clean energy.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on Virginia Beach remodeling services and Virginia home improvement services.