The Best Green Remodeling Tips

Your home is not only the place where you keep your “stuff,” it is a structure that functions for your daily comfort. As such, it is important to make sure everything in your house works properly and smartly, but not necessarily hard. Nobody likes receiving monthly utility bills, but if you look into ways to “green” your home and make it more environmentally friendly, you might find the bills you do receive come down the longer you employ methods of energy efficiency. Remodeling your home to make it more green is a great way to leave the world a better place for your children, and to keep a bit more money in your bank account.

Looking for ways to renovate your home to make it operate with greater efficiency? Here are a few things to consider, and remember that with certain improvements to your home you may quality for tax rebates.

1) Installation of radiant barrier insulation in the attic. This type of reflective insulation for your attic is designed to help lower your utility bills. When operating correctly, the insulation reflects radiant heat to its source. In summertime when the sun beats down on your roof, this insulation prevents your attic from heating, and therefore allows your HVAC system to work at a better pace. You don’t waste energy.

2) Energy efficient windows. Installing new windows – particularly double-paned models – can help reduce leaks in your home. When properly sealed, energy efficient windows help you regulate heat and air in your home, as well as natural light.

3) Green bathroom fixtures. The bathroom is mostly likely where you use the most water in your home, and the right “green” fixtures can help that water bill from overflowing. Low-flow shower heads and toilets are just two items that can help

4) Approved energy efficient appliances. Many home appliances are upgraded to function at optimal levels while using less energy. Refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, and light bulbs are just a few things you can replace in your home.

5) Eco-friendly siding and exteriors. Vinyl siding is eco-friendly in that it eliminates the need to paint and repaint your home, and because it can help with your overall home insulation.

As you look around your home, you will find many opportunities for reducing your carbon footprint. Consult with a contractor who offers green home solutions today to learn more about what you can do to make your home green.

Kathryn Lively is a freelance writer specializing in articles on Virginia Beach remodeling services and Norfolk home remodeling services.